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  • Avinash Chaluvadi

    Avinash Chaluvadi

    Product & Tech Enthusiast 🎓MDI Gurgaon🎓 NIT Bhopal 🏠 India

  • Elie Azzi

    Elie Azzi

  • 山田 宗俊 (Munetoshi Yamada)

    山田 宗俊 (Munetoshi Yamada)

    エンタープライズ・ブロックチェーン企業R3とSBIの合弁会社SBI R3 Japanでビジネス開発しています。Corda推。

  • Tomasz Kupczyk

    Tomasz Kupczyk

    Technology, finance, startups.

  • Peter Yeo

    Peter Yeo

  • Alexis Hervieu-Causse

    Alexis Hervieu-Causse

    Renewable Energy development and investment professional

  • Ryan Gledhill

    Ryan Gledhill

    CTO of Ivno, a Corda-based collateral token solution. Blockchain-obsessive, Ethereum wizard.

  • C Fujiname

    C Fujiname

    Pursuing a career in Product Design and Management. Makers alumnus. Pastry Chef. Daughter, Sister.

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