How Merlin helps active DeFi investors: the first wallet to provide historical transactions

If getting the needed level of precision in the overview of your current portfolio & individual asset values is tough, talk about understanding historical performance!

Issue: Absence of historical transactional information

DeFi investors find it next to impossible to view historical transactional information related to their positions and investments over time. This is obviously important for a number of reasons. Primarily because investors need to:

  • Assess how successful their trading & investing strategies are
  • Ensure reporting and valuations can be delivered, not only for fund management reasons, but also for accounting and taxation purposes

Such platforms as Zapper and Debank show a static view of the investor’s portfolio instead of a dynamic view that is way more informational. This seriously restricts investors, as they can’t analyse their strategies, and also limits the view of their positions to one snapshot in time, while it’s crucial to have a comparison across time.

Solution from Merlin

Merlin provides analysis of all transactions and investments, showing you historical value of APYs and pool behavior together with a comparison between them.

Merlin’s accounting engine is able to spot:

  • the date at which the user deposited the crypto
  • the price of the token at the time of deposit
  • the current price of the token

This leads to an overview of the portfolio balance as well as the total gain or loss including gas fees, all in the token value, as well, as the value in ETH, USD and other currencies.

Merlin’s indexation engine indexes vast amounts of data and all the transactions across all DeFi protocols, so that the information required to report and monitor all past & present positions is deliverable before the you as an investor even connect your wallet to Merlin.

However, it’s not only about indexation as Merlin runs a lot of calculations internally with the raw indexed data to get information such as PNL or transaction fees.

Merlin’s historical data analysis extends to the beginning of the entire blockchain, providing data points that refresh every millisecond.

Even Etherscan, the largest indexation protocol for Ethereum, loses accuracy once transactions are over 3 months old! Debank’s transactional history only extends back to 30 days.

The depth and detail of Merlin’s analysis is second to none.

Zapper and Debank only take the investor’s current position, neither do they provide yield calculations or daily profit and loss. Let’s say an investor has DAI in Aave, Compound and in a LP on Uniswap. Merlin will tell you the total yield generated from DAI across all those protocols, aka global yield, individual yield and PNL.

Exciting, isn’t it? Merlin will be relased in a mere couple of weeks. Meanwhile, we‘ll’ tell you more about different features that our wallet tracker offers. Make sure to join our community, not to miss any news from us:

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