Measuring the trading performance of top Uniswap V3 LPs on Merlin

A look into the top performing wallets on Uniswap V3, using Debank’s leaderboard of largest Uniswap traders. Nansen’s wallet profiler was also able to identify some wallets as top performing LPs. Not surprising, given their trade performance on Uniswap V3!

Rank (Debank, Uniswap V3): 3rd top wallet

Nansen info: Passive Uniswap V3 LP

Merlin info: This wallet is a major trader on Uniswap V3, with $108,461,804 in positions

If we view “transactions”, we can analyse recent Uniswap V3 positions. These include one open position (BZR/WETH pool) and 7 closed positions:

Rank (Debank): 2

Nansen label: Passive Uniswap V3 LP

This wallet has $100M deployed into 3 Uniswap pools, with the vast majority into a USDC/USDM pool. Total current PNL stands at $32,887,651

Let’s view the top position in more detail. With a current PNL of $49M, Merlin has extracted some useful other performance metrics.

There are $575 of unclaimed fees (24.95 USDC and $555.01 USDM), and the position is in range, with an impermanent loss of -$124,175,405

Rank (Debank): 4

Nansen info: Airdrop pro

Merlin analysis: this wallet has closed all positions across Aave, Compound and Lido, but has deployed a total of $37,813,984 across over 50 Uniswap V3 pools, currently standing at -$146,452,672 PNL but with claimable rewards of $45,739

Merlin’s data analytics engine doesn’t just track aggregate market/transactional activity, but provides institutional-grade wallet reporting for individual portfolios, including net worth, PNL & total fee calculations.

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