Recap: VALK x Colony Lab AMA on Telegram

VALK’s co-founders, Antoine Loth and Elie Azzi, were invited by Colony Lab, a community-driven Avalanche ecosystem accelerator that took VALK as their first incubated project, to speak about the project storry and upcoming Merlin release with Colony Lab’s community. Here is the recap of the AMA.

  1. Merlin product: allowing investors to have an overview and deep understanding of their DeFi positions across multiple protocols, calculating yield, net profit and loss, NAV and much more. All in one dashboard.
  2. VALK DeFi aggregator: a platform from which investors can access and trade on different protocols without switching anywhere else. These trades include both simple transactions such as lending, borrowing and withdrawal, as well as complex ones including flash loans, arbitrage and leverage boost.
  3. Combining both products to allow automated strategies, comparison between strategies, back-testing and yield optimisation.
  1. Understanding different DeFi strategies by end-users
  2. Implementing the correct way of PNL calculation



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