The Match Between Aave and Merlin by VALK


With the vast array of DeFi protocols, be it borrowing/lending apps, decentralised exchanges (DEXs), liquid staking platforms and more, it is easy to get lost among them. Understanding your risk exposure, which trading strategy performed best and what your total PNL is in your main reporting currency can be a daunting task. Merlin helps by displaying all positions on major protocols in its interface, while performing necessary analysis and calculations related to each. One such protocol integrated within Merlin is Aave.

Intro to Aave

Aave is a blue-chip borrowing/lending protocol, created in the DeFi 1.0 era with its root at the end of the previous 2017/2018 cycle. It has proved itself as one of the most secure and trusted protocols out there, driving innovation in the crypto sector and continuing to outperform most other DeFi platforms due to its simplicity, functionality and resilience to even the most brutal of storms.

Intro to Merlin

Merlin by VALK focuses on in-depth analysis related to positions on major DeFi protocols such as Aave, Compound, Lido, Uniswap (and plenty more to come — contact us for the full roadmap and API access).

How Merlin can help Aave users

Let’s dive in and view Merlin analytics on Aave positions. Merlin is able to extract each individual position and asset balance from the wallet, giving insights into the number of transactions per asset, their relative value (and 24H change), holdings in USD, and yield earned (which is negative if the asset is borrowed).

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