VALK is Attending the Avalanche Summit in Barcelona

2 min readMar 21, 2022


Avalanche Summit in Barcelona starts today. VALK team will be there for the whole duration of the Summit, from the 22nd to 27th March. Moreover, our lead developers will participate in the Encode’s Avalanche Hackathon!

What is the Avalanche Summit?
Avalanche is one of the fastest-growing Layer-1 blockchains and one of 2021’s key winners in attracting TVL and new projects across the DeFi, NFT and VC space. The Avalanche Summit will be a great opportunity to connect & enrich the ecosystem for developers, builders, researchers and innovators! With Professor Emin Gün Sirer, CEO of Ava Labs, Stani Kulechov, Founder of Aave and other pioneers across Avalanche and the general crypto-sphere speaking, it simply is not an opportunity to miss.

How is VALK involved?
VALK is the newcomer to DeFi on AVAlanche, but we are already very active in getting connections and support across the ecosystem.

As we are committed to building the best-in-class DeFi products in the Avalanche ecosystem, the Summit is the place to be for us. It is also our next expansion opportunity following our incubation by Colony Labs and partnership with Trader Joe.

We will be at the conference every single day to talk with key project builders, advisers, DeFi investors and speakers, as well as engage with the community and discuss how long-term innovation can be harnessed.

On top of this, we won our slot in the 3-day hackathon organised by Encode where our product team will engage with other talented developers and builders in the Avalanche ecosystem. So we make sure to surround ourselves with the best of the best and learn from them.

It is very important for further development of Merlin, our DeFi smart wallet, and integrating data feeds and indexing from all major protocols within the Avalanche DeFi network.

If you are also attending the conference, get in touch and find us!

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