VALK is Partnering with Trader Joe

Trader Joe’s community will be among the first users of Merlin portfolio management, analytics and accounting tool by VALK immediately after the launch. Simply put, Merlin will work its magic and improve the DeFi strategies of Trader Joe community members via an institutional-grade wallet tracking solution.

About VALK

Built on the Avalanche network, VALK is connecting DeFi investors with innovative protocols across different blockchains and providing access to complex DeFi trading strategies for retail and institutional crypto investors.

Our approach comes from the wealth of experience we gathered thanks to the success of our original tokenization platform used by 100+ TradFi and DeFi institutions.

About Trader Joe

Trader Joe is the leading titan within the Avalanche ecosystem. With over $1.5B TVL, it has been in the centre of the explosion of protocols running on AVAX, and has one of the strongest communities seen in DeFi. Users of Trader Joe are able to trade, lend in pools, farm, stake and swap, all from the same app.

So, what will the Trader Joe community get from using Merlin by VALK?

We all know that one of the main bottlenecks of DeFi is the difficulty in managing portfolios across multiple protocols. No matter if you are a newbie or a professional trader & investor it is hard to track your positions and get data like profit/loss you make compared to your initial investment or monitor various token holdings and DeFi positions across multiple protocols.

Aiming to solve this problem, VALK has built Merlin, a DeFi smart wallet allowing investors to monitor their DeFi positions across multiple protocols, blockchains and a range of metrics. We provide the form and precision of reporting is extremely rare in the modern DeFi and yet essential for the majority of traders & investors.

VALK is easy-to-use. We are integrated with major protocols such as Maker, Compound, Aave, Uniswap V2 and V3, so our users simply need to connect their wallet or paste their address to kickstart working with Merlin.

Then Merlin will work its magic and automatically extract all the transactions related to one wallet, retrieve the position of each digital asset deployed across DeFi protocols and calculate the positions plus yield generated vs USD or other currencies. Merlin’s calculation engine can spot the date at which the user deposited the crypto, the price of the Token at the time of deposit and the current price of the Token. You will see the total portfolio balance as well as the gain/loss including gas fees.

This is not all. Merlin also shows other data such as assets held, the yield earned daily and portfolio value.

For liquidity pools on Uniswap, Merlin will show any claimable fees, impermanent loss, range and other key performance metrics. Merlin’s calculation engine will spot the date on which you deposited the particular crypto asset, the price of the Token at the time of deposit and the current price of the Token. This will show the portfolio balance as well as the gain/loss including gas fees. The user can view their holdings, as well as the current total and daily PNL.

Merlin provides all of the above in an easy to digest visual description of your trades and investment decisions.

Merlin dashboard view

There is also a clear breakdown of individual assets and positions held on each asset, and further analysis on a transaction by transaction basis.

Merlin transaction details view

To sum up, Merlin will provide access to the best-in-class analytics for the Trader Joe community and allow investors & traders to monitor their positions on Trader Joe and other major protocols, such as Compound, Maker, Aave, Uniswap V2 and V3. Merlin brings a much needed effective way of keeping track of the performance of their DeFi investments for the Trader Joe community.

This is just the first step of our partnership with trader Joe and you will hear more in the nearest future. Make sure to connect with us both following the official accounts!


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