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After the success of Episode #1 of VALK Series — Tokenization: Beyond the Hype, we recently recorded Episode #2 — Alt-Finance: From Challengers to Market Leaders. We hosted Milind Mehere, Co-Founder and CEO of Yieldstreet, Steffen Pauls and Yuri Narciss, CEO and MD of Moonfare respectively. Both companies aim to democratise investment in private equity and alternative assets.

But first, a recap on VALK Series.

Education and the distribution of knowledge are of paramount importance in FinTech and innovations in financial markets. VALK aims to be a market leader in the sector by connecting and digitalising private markets. One way…

Zurich, The Fintech Capital of the world

2020 is a year that most would rather put behind us, but in its myriad of bad news, came a morsel of excitement from the tranquil valleys of Switzerland. The Swiss Federal Department of Finance initiated a blanked ordinance expected to enter into force on the 1st of August 2021, There will be more to celebrate than just Swiss National Day!

The ordinance, more officially known as the Federal Act on the Adaptation of Federal Law to Developments in Distributed Ledger Technology will make you able to invest or sell a private company share with just a few clicks. …

There’s an art to making complex and inefficient processes easy. Placement and management of private corporate shares for example, has historically been manual and fragmented, adding cost, risk and friction to a marketplace that has huge untapped potential for issuers and investors alike. But new technologies are simplifying workflows and automating processes — opening up the world of unlisted securities in a way that hasn’t been possible before.

Mandates meet Technology

Business innovation is often prompted either by necessity, or advances in technical capability.

In the case of unlisted share issuance and trading, both forces are at play, seeing the…

Asset Manager ABC is a mid-sized investment bank in London. According to our conducted research, up to 50% of their investment teams’ man hours are wasted on back office and manual tasks, therefore, preventing them from focusing on analysis, negotiation, deal sourcing, and execution. In their expansion plan, ABC had two choices, either to increase their resources to drive more sales or to automate the tasks they do manually today. Having decided to go for the second option they met VALK.

VALK’s technology is an end to end digital transaction tool for private markets that makes investment, trading and management…

The idea of a blockchain for digital securities comes down to a very simple question: can we represent ownership effectively by using smart contracts? Ownership can be represented as a relationship between an owner and an asset. Simultaneously, ownership must have some basic properties: it has to be verifiable, transferable and accrue value based on market dynamics.

Ownership is the main principle of security tokens. And token issuance platforms are trying to model ownership dynamics on top of existing blockchain that were designed for asset transfers.

Performing KYC and AML checks is a must for any project that intends to follow a proper governance and comply with regulations. The current security token platforms run as centralized entities on a decentralized blockchain, in fact they introduce centralization functions such as compliance validators (KYC/AML), off-chain processing etc. Those type of features are necessary not only to overcome the technical limitations of existing blockchain but to simplify the issuance of security tokens. However, the introduction of too many centralization might end up neglecting the value proposition of the blockchain in the first place.

DIDs provide a standard way for…


Effortless management, investment and trading of unlisted assets

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